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Why Invest in Quorum



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Why Invest in Quorum

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Quorum provides its XSELLERATOR product to GM, Chrysler and Subaru dealers in the US and Canada as well as Ford, Hyundai, KIA, Nissan, NAPA and Bumper to Bumper franchised dealership customers as well as other franchises, independent and non-automotive dealerships throughout North America.

There are approximately 20,000 franchised automotive dealership rooftops in North America. Quorum has over 320 dealership rooftops that utilize its XSELLERATOR DMS. A DMS is the equivalent of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for an automotive retail environment. The two top dominant DMS suppliers of systems in North America have a combined market position of approximately 80% in both Canada and the US. Automotive dealerships are largely dissatisfied with the available choices and are making purchasing decisions based on systems and suppliers' flexibility, value, functionality as well as technology.

Quorum offers a completely integrated, Windows-based DMS that helps capture incremental revenue and enhances productivity by establishing a natural, streamlined work flow process, eliminating redundant entries and making relevant customer and vehicle information visible across multiple dealership departments on a real-time basis. Quorum's offering goes well beyond traditional DMS systems because it has integrated customer relationship management ("CRM"), including Communicator (Quorum's 2-way text and email functionality), and measurable processes that can help dealerships Make More Money ("M3").

Quorum Information Technologies Inc. was recognized as a TSX Venture 50TM company in 2016. TSX Venture 50 is a trade-mark of TSX Inc. and is used under license.

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Financial Results - Quorum's pricing model is focused on recurring support revenue. The Company has reached a critical mass of dealerships as evidenced by the fact that Quorum has posted over seven years of positive cash flow from operating activities. During Q3 FY2016 revenues were up 10% to $3,059K, EBITDA of $582K, and working capital of $5,630K. Click here to view our full press release.

For the remainder of 2016 the Company is targeting revenue growth.

Quorum is focused on developing, marketing, implementing and supporting its XSELLERATOR product, a state-of the-art automotive dealership and customer management software ("DMS") that automates, integrates, and streamlines every department in a dealership.

For 2015 & 2016, Quorum has reported:

Q2 FY2015

Q3 FY2015

Q4 FY2015

Q1 FY2016

Q2 FY2016

Q3 FY2016


(up 13% from Q2 FY2015)

(up 24% from Q3 FY2014)

(up 19% from Q4 FY2014)

(up 21% from Q1 FY2015)

(up 13% from Q2 FY2015)

(up 10% from Q3 FY2015)








Income (loss) before deferred income tax expense







Cash Balance Increase

(compared to March 31, 2015)

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(compared to June 30, 2015)

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(compared to September 30, 2015)

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(compared to December 31, 2015)

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(compared to March 31, 2016)

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(compared to June 30, 2016)

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Shares and ownership:

  • Publicly traded company with 51.7 million outstanding shares.

  • 17% of Quorum shares are owned by our customers. In all cases these shares were purchased on the TSX-V or through Quorum financings.

Quorum is delivering value to its customers by ...

Continually increasing dealerships' satisfaction through:

  • Investing in our world class XSELLERATOR product. Quorum produces two versions per year that contain many new features designed to benefit our customers directly, or to open markets by integrating to new vehicle manufacturers.

  • Achieving high Implementation and Support service levels and a standard of excellence that is unsurpassed in the industry.

  • Providing clear, concise web, video and on-site training and documentation to improve our dealerships' utilization of XSELLERATOR.

Focusing on technology enhanced processes designed to help dealerships grow their business and work more efficiently with their customers:

  • Communicator - a ground breaking innovation that features text, email and instant message functionality that is integrated into the XSELLERATOR work flow. Communicator transforms how dealership staff communicate with their customers. In 2014 Communicator was used to send over 1,000,000 messages and in 2015, Communicator was used to send over 3,000,000 messages.

  • Make More Money ("M3") - a set of technology and process "toolkits" that leverages key XSELLERATOR functionality to specifically drive incremental revenue for our dealership customers' operations. Chief among the M3 toolkits is the inclusive Vehicle Inspection Process (VIP), which encompasses the entire service flow starting with the customer appointment, through advisor and technician inspections and quoting additional work required. In 2015, we trained 83 dealerships using the VIP process and generated 51.1 million in closed service quotes in FY2015.


Additional Company Highlights

  • Quorum Information Technologies Inc. was founded in 1996 by Maury Marks, President & CEO.

  • With more than 100 employees, Quorum has offices in Calgary, Alberta, St. John's, Newfoundland, and Detroit, Michigan.

  • Currently over 325 active Dealerships (rooftops) run XSELLERATOR in North America (approximately 3/4 CDN and 1/4 US) with nearly 10,000 total users.

  • Over 25% of GM Canadian dealerships run XSELLERATOR.

  • Expanding Automotive Franchise Coverage - five manufacturers added in the past four years.

  • GM has certified Quorum under GM's Dealership Technology Assistance Program (DTAP) program in both Canada and the US.

  • Quorum is Red Star certified, Chrysler's highest available level of integration, in both Canada and the US.

  • Quorum is a Microsoft Silver Certified Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner in both Canada and the US.


How to invest in Quorum

  • In Canada, Quorum trades on the "TSX Venture" exchange under the symbol QIS.
    Click here to access the TSX web site for Quorum.

  • In the US, Quorum trades on the "Over-The-Counter" exchange under the symbol QIFTF.
    Click here to access the Over the Counter web site.

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